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  1. is now in its 24th hour of sharing happiness and gratitude in the Python community. Wouldn't trade y'all for the world.

  2. Not gonna lie, a little choked up. RT : Thank you for everything. You've become my role model

  3. And thanks to all real friends I made in Python community. Too many to list here, yet so important!

  4. is true! We, developers complain about bugs and forget to thanx that comunity which deserves it. Now python 2.8 war anyone?

  5. The awesome duo and have my ethernal gratitude and friendship for sooo many things, 2 scoops including.

  6. Thanks to for being a great partner in putting out what we believe is a fantastic newsletter in

  7. To my co-host and all of our guests on the Django Round-Up, thanks for helping me make an awesome podcast.

  8. I guess it's my turn now: thanks to for his vision. Thanks to everyone contributing to Python

  9. Thanks to all the other Python developers that have taught me so much about so many things over the past decade-and-a-bit :)

  10. Thanks to the people who tell their stories of cool things they did with tech I helped create - so much fun to hear about :)

  11. Thanks to all that were kind enough to take a minute and read something of mine; thanks to those who wrote something I use

  12. Not the case for all programming communities, but I’ve always felt welcome at all Python events, regardless of experience.

  13. Thanks to for the brillant talks. It helped so much to improve my Python

  14. "Event if I spend the rest of my life doing OSS, I will never be able to repay my debt." — , paraphrased by me.

  15. Thanks to the 4384 other members of . Our corner of the Pythonosphere is very rewarding!

  16. Thank you , , & for the time y'all spent on sharing your knowledge & your awesome books

  17. shows why python community is truly amazing. I’m honored to be a small part of this.

  18. Thank you for Requests, and for showing the world just how important APIs can be.

  19. Thank you for building an awesome community, and being both smart *and* approachable.

  20. Thank you for Flask, Pygments, and making cool stuff accessible to beginners.

  21. Thanks to KennethG for mentoring many Indian pythonista. Didn't meet u but wrked with 2 people who count you as mentor. RIP

  22. Thanks and all involved for bringing to the world. And & for showing how it can be used!

  23. is still going! Feel that <3 Thanks to everyone that, wittingly or not, encourages so many to use before all else.

  24. There are lots of languages, but Python has become a group of friendly people with a shared approach

  25. Thanks to for making SQLAlchemy world-class, and for making it easy to publish docs.

  26. Oh & thanks 2 4 patiently building bridges over ostensibly insurmountable technical&philosophical ravines. :)

  27. The best part about Python is it’s community as a whole that makes each conference like a family gathering I look fwd to.

  28. Finally, thanks to for tirelessly welcoming beginners to Django. Hard work but so worthwhile & appreciated

  29. Thanks to the Indian community for coming together for PyCon India and to the PSF for recognising our work.

  30. I don't pick development platforms on tech specs any more. Community is one of the most important features. Look at now.

  31. Proud to be programming in and proud to be a part of the wonderful community cheering under \o/ You rock, guys! \o/

  32. I miss . He inspired everyone he touched, and changed the world. If only I could have told him more.

  33. Missed out on the great campaign but just wanted to say thanks to for teaching me Python!

  34. Thanks to for being a fantastic programmer, friend and mentor. I'd probably still be writing PHP without him.

  35. I don't know what initiated the hashmeme, but it is pretty awesome. Everybody getting all huggy up in the twitters.

  36. Thank you for bringing me constant joy, inspiration, and on top of that awesome code to the whole world.

  37. I want to thank for Django, getting me away from NASA, and being a good guy.

  38. Thank you for being the best husband, co-author, supporter, and inspiration that I could possibly imagine

  39. Thank you to Fredrik Lundh, the creator of Python Imaging Library, who inspired me to look into & attend my first PyCon 2010

  40. Thanks to the folks at for patiently teaching me how to write software the right way.

  41. special thanks to for all of their products, projects and people powering the / ecosystem

  42. thanks to for cause now all the data can be worked in one place integrating many tools

  43. thanks to for all his work in the foundations of the python scientific stack and so on

  44. thanks to and all those people that put a piece to bring IPython and the Notebook to the world

  45. thanks to and the early devs that made python possible from the beginning until today

  46. Most recently, thank you to & for going out of your way to teach me things I struggled with for awhile.

  47. Thank you to the entire Python/Django community. You have all made my life better in some way.

  48. Thanks to whoever's behind that shit cracks me up. A community is any big group with in-jokes.

  49. thanks to you for creating RTD and hosting WTD! Can't think of a Python library that doesn't use RTD

  50. Thanks to and the Twisted team for teaching a kid how to do open-source development

  51. I have so many people to thank for what they've done and so many words to say to them that maybe a tweet would not be enough

  52. Thanks to for too much to tweet, but among it a zillion reviews and amazing work to expand our community.

  53. Thanks to for picking up where left off, and for tech reviewing all of Pro Python, which was a *huge* task

  54. Thanks to for volunteering to tech review Pro Django, thereby encouraging me to write it in the first place

  55. Thanks to for introducing python to me as a grad student at Berkeley and to for forcing me to learn it

  56. Interesante el hashtag . Gracias a por la valentía de iniciar con Python hace 10 años.

  57. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to - it has been fantastic to see so much gratitude. Hope it made your day better :)

  58. Thanks to for making python GIS awesome! You make me so happy I switched to a real language.

  59. Having seen the viral movement, I got curious if there was also a similar movement. Result? Find it out yourself.

  60. Thks to Ondrej Certik for all the positive reinforcement for my first commit to SymPy 8 years ago

  61. Thks to for challenging the PL theory zealots and showing off Python back in grad school

  62. Sincere thanks to for his many contributions to Flask as well as his patient, generous assistance via IRC.

  63. gracias por presentarme y enseñarme Python. Espero poder trabajar nuevamente contigo. Saludos!

  64. thanks to for introducing me to Python almost 20 years ago, and all the people since then keeping it awesome

  65. Thanks to & for showing me the pythonic possibilities of network analysis & complex systems.

  66. Thanks to for introducing me to Python as a researcher, professional, and advocate:

  67. Whenever I have the choice I'll code in Python. It let's ms get a lot of work done quickly and is just plain fun.

  68. Thanks to and the Python community for the hours saved from debugging by the sane design

  69. Thanks to for organizing PyCon 2013, and keeping the peace in the ensuing drama.

  70. Thanks to for Flask, Werkzeug and Jinja2 - and for telling it like it is when it comes to Python 3 :)

  71. Thanks to for his awesome conf talks and contributions to the standard library

  72. Gracias a por la organización de lo que fue la primera conferencia Python en España.

  73. Gracias a por su blog de Python científico en castellano. Especialmente por la calidad de contenido del mismo

  74. Thanks to for showing us at that you can go hard on both open source and proprietary projects.

  75. There are entirely too many people to name individually, but they all make Python (and thus my life) awesome. Thanks!

  76. Thanks to for "Think Python" which opened the doors into the world programming for me...

  77. thanks to for making it so easy to mix paint buckets in my house by rocking it in such a consistent fashion

  78. is trending on Twitter: lots of acknowledgement of people's hard work making Python great/ submi...

  79. Thanks to for Requests and for Flask / Werkzeug / Jinja. When I use Python it is for those modules.

  80. Thanks to for pip and virtualenv, and participating in my first panel at PyCon!

  81. Thanks to for starting off The Best Software Writing I with Ken Arnold's Style is Substance. Referred many that way

  82. is trending on Twitter: lots of acknowledgement of people's hard work making Python great/

  83. thanks! Also thank you for readthedoc as well it makes it so easy to ship the doc to everyone !

  84. is trending on Twitter: lots of acknowledgement of people's hard work making Python great/ [redd...

  85. Thanks to Pycon And NextDay video inspiration was just a click away

  86. Gracias a por trabajar sin descanso por que IPython se pueda desarrollar de manera sostenible

  87. Thanks to and for supporting work on IPython and other open scientific computing tools!

  88. Gracias a por ayudar a levantar este «imperio» y por propulsar el ecosistema Python Científico